Producciones Musicales de 33 DC


  • MATICES - 1987
    The latest extension from RocketTheme provides a means to showcase various aspects of Twitter, from your tweets to profile information plus much more. The perfect addition to any site geared towards social networking.

Siempre hay Motivos

    The module is an article previewer and rotator. It displays content articles, in a summarised form and, using mootools based javascript transition, rotates through a series of pages displaying articles in a contracted list format.

Teruah Fest

  • TERU'AH FEST - 1994
    RokStories is a great module to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. The module itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing featured articles on your site, as seen on the frontpage.

Por su Sangre

  • POR SU SANGRE - 1996
    RokAjaxSearch brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools. So, what does the module do? The best description is an example, simply type test in the search box in the upper right of Refraction and wait ... and a popup shall materialise, showcasing the Joomla search results for you.


  • AVIVANOS - 1998
    RokTabs, the fully independent and incredible flexible standalone version of the former RokSlide. The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easily utilised on any template, not just Refraction. As its name implies, it is a tabbed based module to efficiently showcase your content to your visitors.


  • VIDA - 1998
    RokNavMenu is now an essential ingredient of RocketTheme templates. It provides various functions which are above and beyond what the mainmenu, and the subsequent template overrides can do. Therefore, a much more sophisticated menu can be constructed providing you with a much greater degree of usability. This makes the incredible advanced multiple-dropdown menu possible. It is an essential install for the integrated menu systems to operate.
Rindiendo Honor y Gloria

    The popular plugin from RocketTheme which allows you to implement typography easily, without fear of the WYSIWYG editor ruining your formatting and allows you, and/or your clients to add them to your content with ease. This is through a method similar to BBcode (as seen in a forum). WYSIWYG friendly syntax can be used, or even custom configured that will transform a set snippet to the correct HTML when it is parsed by Joomla.


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